Bom "Boom" Somporn



SGT Bom Somporn is an Asian male in his mid 20s. His coal black eyes rarely show emotion, and his accent has a faint sing-songy sound to it. For a short person, he is incredibly strong, and one of the few people who is able to keep up with Top’s PT sessions.


Not much is known about Bom, except that he hails from a small fishing village and at one time was a professional middleweight MMA fighter in Thailand. His personal and operational past are otherwise shrouded in secrecy, although his uniform indicates a highly competent soldier.

He is currently assigned to the 56th Combined Arms Operations Group as one of the Aggressor pilots.

SGT Somporn Enlisted Record Book
Confirmed Kills: 13.0

Awards & Decorations

  • RDF Combat Infantryman Badge, 3rd Award – 7/2009
  • RDF Senior Army Aviator Badge – 1/2008
  • RDF Senior Parachutist Badge – 12/2007
  • RDF Air Assault Badge: 2/2003
  • Expert Marksmanship Badge Rifle
  • Bronze Star, V: CLASSIFIED
  • Purple Heart: CLASSIFIED
  • Air Medal, V: CLASSIFIED
  • Army Commendation, V: CLASSIFIED
  • Army Good Conduct Medal, 2nd: 1/2009
  • National Defense Service Medal: 1/2003
  • Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal: 5/2006
  • Global War on Terror Expeditionary Medal: 5/2007

Service Record

  • RDF Academy Graduate: 1/2003
  • RDF Air Assault School, Honor Graduate: 2/2003
  • RDF Ranger School, Honor Graduate: 6/2003
  • RDF Undergraduate Flight School, Honor Graduate: 10/2003
  • Promotion: Private 2 – 10/2003
  • RDF Veritech VF-1A Flight Training, Honor Graduate: 2/2004
  • Promotion: Private First Class – 2/2004
  • Assignment: CLASSIFIED
    _* Promotion: Specialist – 6/2005
  • Assignment: CLASSIFIED
  • Promotion: Corporal – 7/2007
  • Assignment: Charlie Flight, 64th Aggressor Squadron – 1/2008
  • Promotion: Sergeant – 1/2008

Bom "Boom" Somporn

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