Robotech Macross

RDF Veritech Training, Class 055, Week 1

Friday, May 15th, 2009

All warning lights stop flashing, threat warning systems go blank, alarms quiet, and disabled systems come back online. The training squadron breathes a collective sigh of relief, and starts to chatter amongst themselves about who did what to whom. The XO’s voice booms over the radio, “Okay lads, exercise over. For the most part, you guys did okay, but suffered heavy losses because of inaction in the first few seconds. We’ll give you a full debrief on Monday once we’ve had time to analyze everything. Park your planes, and enjoy the weekend!”

The squadron cheers, and goes back to trading smack talk with each other. The adrenaline takes awhile to wear off, as evidenced by more than a few missed landings by various members of the crew. Eventually everyone parks, hits the showers, and starts to head out for an evening of well-deserved celebration. A SFC pokes his head in the showers and yells, “FLIGHT LEADERS! REPORT TO THE XO!”

The order is repeated amongst the squadron until the flight leads respond in unison, “Aye, Aye! Flight leaders reporting to the XO!”


After reading the email, I call the flight into the briefing room for an emergency meeting.

“Gentlemen, the good news is that we’re still employed. The bad news is that weekend leave has been rescinded. We are on CAP tonight, we have an inspection in the morning, and I’ll be picking up a VIP in the next 30 minutes. Prepare for inspection. When I get back, I’ll have red bulls for all of you. Chase, check the armory and give me a full inventory and status. Caldwell, you’re inspecting flight gear. The rest of you will be cleaning quarters and common areas. And if we pass with flying colors, the next time we have leave, the first two rounds are on me.”


I then proceed to get Thomas from the hospital and pick up 30 cans of Red Bull before returning to post.

When I arrive with Thomas in tow, I tell him to stay quiet and out of sight.

“Flight, ten-hut! VIP on deck! Our VIP is the illustrious Mr. Thomas, back from a medically induced vacation.”

I then proceed to distribute the Red Bulls, get feedback from Chase and Caldwell, and follow checklist, while periodically inspecting the status of everyone in the flight.


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