Travis "Tank" Thomas




Travis is a tall, almost gangly, male in his mid-twenties. His brown hair is cut in a high and tight, and his piercing blue eyes do little to hide an intense personality. Aside from his RDF PFC rank insignia and training ribbons, his uniform is pretty sparse.

Travis is a relatively quiet individual who seems quick to anger, especially towards Jon “FIG JAM” Caldwell, a former flight school classmate.

His call sign is a reference to an incident at NAS Whiting Field. During a long range bombing sortie, Travis accidentally pickled his centerline tank onto the target.


Travis is the youngest son of a former Navy Captain. His oldest brother was a Special Forces team leader who died in Europe during the first few months of the GCW. His other brother, Flynn, is a respected Gladiator pilot.

During the initial week of training, Travis was injured during an altercation with some Macross townies, and had to make up about a week of classes. No one has been charged for this crime.

He has a Poli-Sci degree from SUNY, and debated law school before being pressured to follow the family tradition of military service.

PFC Thomas Enlisted Record Book
Confirmed Kills: 3.5

Awards & Decorations

  • Combat Infantryman’s Badge – 7/2009
  • Army Aviator – 4/2009
  • National Defense Service Medal – 1/2009
  • Expert Marksmanship Badge: Rifle – 10/2008
  • Expert Marksmanship Badge: Aero – 2/2009

Service Record

  • Entered RDF Service: 9/2007
  • RDF Academy Graduate: 1/2008
  • Promotion: Private – 11/2008
  • RDF Undergraduate Flight School Graduate: 4/2009
  • Assignment: 309th TFS, 56th OG: 4-7/2009
  • Promotion: Private First Class – 6/2009
  • Veritech Flight Training Class 055 Graduate: 7/2009

Travis "Tank" Thomas

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