Sabine Leitner


Sabine is a petite, very attractive, and young woman with a slight German accent. She is highly inquisitive, challenging, and always open for a debate. She has the tenacity of a bulldog, but unfortunately is treated like a terrier.

She usually dresses business casual, and breaks the traditional business attire found on many of her colleagues.


Sabine is a reporter on special assignment covering relatively minor special interest stories for Deutsche Welle. She was working a story about a German-engineered traffic control system being utilized on Macross island, when her helo pilot received word of a possible training accident a few miles away. She was one of the first reporters on the scene, and was given the go-ahead to pursue the story by her superiors.


Not much is known about Sabine’s past, but she appeared out of nowhere towards the end of the GCW on social media sites. Her audience consisted mostly of young men who were enraptured by her charm, wit, and physical assets. One of these men happened to convince his father, a DW exec, to hire her as an anchor. Unfortunately, the station decided they could use her to get a larger market share by having her provide a more youthful spin on their more boring stories. The strategy worked, and she was eventually able to move up to slightly less mundane stories.

Sabine has an extensive, and highly advanced, understanding of electronics and communications that belie her youthful appearance, and she is a very adept social engineer.

Sabine Leitner

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