Ryan "Slipstream" Aldridge

309th TS Sqdn XO


Ryan is a Captain in the RDF.



Ryan is a lean, almost gaunt, looking man in his mid to late 20s. His sandy blonde hair has the carefully mussed look of a man with too much time and equally too much hair gel. Aside from his preoccupation with his hair, Ryan is a very charismatic and boisterous person who often uses his hands to speak – especially when detailing some of his flying exploits from the Global Civil War.

Like many other senior RDF personnel, Ryan’s dress uniform is covered in combat decorations from his previous military service, but most notable are the RAF wings. He wears a flight scarf emblazoned with the Tornado GR4 silhouette, and his VF-1S has a miniature emblem of his old squadron on the port side of the cockpit.


Ryan spends most of his free time in athletic gear, training for the seemingly neverending triathlons and marathons. Very few people on the Prometheus are able to keep up with his tempo, and most of the 309th groan in despair when he leads the PT sessions.


Ryan is one of the “New Breed” of warriors – after the heavy attrition from the GCW, Ryan was convinced to join the RAF in 1997 at the tender age of 15. A combination of his natural talents and his extensive sports background caused him to catch the eye of a few of the TAC officers. He was considered for SAS, but turned it down for a flight sergeant slot.

His training was not as formal as it might have been a few years prior. England was desperate to churn out a defense force. His flight training consisted of two weeks in the sims, a few weeks of RIO training, a week of check rides, and then being told he would become an actual pilot flying GR4 Tornadoes with No. 617 Sqdn. His first combat sortie as a took place a few months before he turned 16.

His youth and aggressive nature made him a natural GR4 pilot. He would give Harrier squadrons a run for their money when it came to NOE flying. While he is a competent ACM pilot, he is legendary at low-level flying, and absolutely reveled in a “Wild-Weasel” role. His preferred loadout always included at least one active ECM jamming pod and four HARM missiles.

He quickly climbed through the enlisted ranks, attributed not only to his performance but also the high attrition rates in the Tornado squadrons. He was promoted to Warrant Officer just before the ceasefire, and transitioned to the RDF during a Christmas ceremony in 1999.

He is space qualified, and is currently a Captain serving as the XO of the 309th Tactical Fighter Training Squadron.

2LT Ryan Aldridge Record Book
Confirmed Kills:
- GCW: Ground: 76.0, Air: 32.0
- Robotech War: 9.0

Awards & Decorations

  • Royal Air Force Aviator – 9/1997
  • Combat Infantryman Badge – 7/2009
  • Distinguished Flying Cross – 6/1999
  • Bronze Star, with Valor, 2OC – 3/1999
  • Air Medal, with Valor – 10/1998
  • Army Good Conduct Medal – 6/2009
  • National Defense Service Medal – 12/2000
  • Army NCO Professional Development Ribbon – 12/1997
  • Army Overseas Service Ribbon, 2 – 3/2004
  • UN Mission in Boznia – 6/2002
  • Expert Marksmanship Badge: Rifle – 6/1997
  • Expert Marksmanship Badge: Aero – 8/1997

Service Record

  • Entered Royal Air Force Service: 5/1997
  • RAF Helton Basic Training Honor Graduate: 6/1997
  • Promotion: Leading Airman – 6/1997
  • RAF No. 22 Training Group Elementary Flying Training Honor Graduate – 9/1997
  • Promotion: Senior Airman – 9/1997
  • RAF Advanced Flying Training Honor Graduate – 12/1997
  • Promotion: Corporal – 12/1997
  • Assignment: No. 617 Flying Squadron – 1/1998
  • Promotion: Sergeant – 6/1998
  • Promotion: Flight Sergeant – 12/1998
  • Promotion: Warrant Officer – 3/1999
  • Promotion: Officer Cadet – 9/1999
  • RAF Decommissioning – 12/1999
  • Entered RDF Service – 12/1999
  • Promotion: Second Lieutenant – 12/1999
  • Assignment: Adjutant, RDF Air Combat Command – 1/2000
  • Assignment: =</// CLASSIFIED ///>= – 3/2000
  • Promotion: First Lieutenant – 6/2002
  • Promotion: Captain – 6/2004
  • RDF Space Flight Training Graduate – 8/2005
  • Assignment: 4th Squadron, 1st Space Carrier Air Wing, ARMD 1 – 8/2005
  • RDF Veritech Flight Training Class 003 Graduate – 5/2008
  • Assignment: Executive Officer, 309th TFS, 56th OG, CVS-101 Prometheus – 5/2008

Ryan "Slipstream" Aldridge

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