Rose "Syndrome" Brocka




Rose is a petite redhead in her mid-late 20s. Her glasses and bun-kept hair make her appear like a bookish librarian, but her feisty no-nonsense attitude quickly quiet those assumptions. She is usually seen in an RDF flight suit during the week, and her civilian attire is casual.


Rose is a Veritech pilot formerly assigned to the 56th OG’s 510th Training Squadron cadre. “Flossy”, her former call-sign, was a tongue-in-cheek reference to her preferred underwear, which have been spotted on a few occasions.

She met Duncan “Plow” Harper when they were both assigned to the SLV-111 Daedalus, and they got married after a drunken night of revelry. Their brief, and tumultuous, marriage was overwhelmed with Duncan’s addiction and behavioral issues. She attempted to clean him up, and urged him to attend OCS, but his behavior was beginning to affect her career.

He called her from the brig after a weekend bender. Instead of calling JAG to help him get out, she called to speak to a divorce attorney. After the divorce was finalized, she reverted back to her maiden name. Their marriage resulted in a son, Jack.

During the initial alien invasion, Rose served with distinction, and was awarded the Army Commendation Medal, with Valor device, for her actions defending one of the Macross city shelters from enemy craft. During the battle for Macross, her ferocity in battle earned her the moniker of “Syndrome”, when someone remarked that she was giving orders like a bitch with PMS.

SSG Rose Brocka Record Book
Confirmed Kills: 5.0

Awards & Decorations

  • Combat Infantryman’s Badge – 7/2009
  • Army Aviator – 4/2009
  • Joint Service Commendation Medal – 4/2004
  • Army Commendation Medal, with Valor – 7/4/2009
  • Army Good Conduct Medal – 1/2009
  • National Defense Service Medal – 12/2000
  • Army NCO Professional Development Ribbon – 7/2002
  • Army Overseas Service Ribbon – 5/2004
  • Expert Marksmanship Badge: Rifle – 10/2008
  • Expert Marksmanship Badge: Aero – 2/2009

Service Record

  • Entered RDF Army Service: 1/2000
  • RDF Academy Graduate: 3/2000
  • RDF Mechanic School Graduate – 6/2000
  • Promotion: Private – 6/2000
  • RDF Destroid Mechanic School Graduate – 9/2000
  • Assignment: 4th Infantry Division – 9/2000
  • Promotion: Private First Class – 3/2001
  • Promotion: Specialist – 8/2001
  • Promotion: Corporal – 6/2002
  • Assignment: 435th FMS, CSV-111 Daedalus – 6/2002
  • Promotion: Sergeant – 4/2004
  • Assignment: 3rd Bn, 320th Field Artillery Regiment, 101st Airborne Division – 4/2004
  • Promotion: Staff Sergeant – 4/2006
  • Assignment: 160th Special Operations Air Regiment (4/2006)
  • Assignment: Euro-NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training, 80th TFW, Sheppard AFB – 4/2007
  • RDF ENJJPT Undergraduate Flight School Graduate: 4/2008
  • Assignment: 310th TFS, 56th OG – 5/2008
  • RDF Veritech Flight Training Class 037 Honor Graduate – 8/2008
  • Assignment: Cadre, 56th OG 9/2008

Rose "Syndrome" Brocka

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