LTC Pete "Hack" Osman

309th Squadron Commanding Officer




Pete Osman is a short, lean male in his 40s. His hair is cropped short, and his face has the weathered appearance of a man who has spent little time indoors. His eyes are always alert, as if always assessing the situation for potential threats. When he speaks, only one side of his mouth moves.

He is usually seen wearing his RDF flight suit, but his dress uniform occasionally makes an appearance. His ribbons indicate a career in Marine aviation, and include a Distinguished Flying Cross, Silver Star, several Bronze Stars with V, and several Purple Hearts.

When not on duty, he usually wears polo shirts tucked into his khakis, or other business casual attire. The only time the man is ever seen wearing shorts is during PT.


Pete Osman is a 1989 graduate of the University of Virginia, and was commissioned via the Naval ROTC program as a 2nd lieutenant in the USMC. He attended The Basic School in Quantico, earned his Naval Aviator wings at Pensacola, and was assigned to VMA-224. He was promoted to 1st Lieutenant shortly before deploying to provide ground support to Coalition Forces during Operation Desert Storm. Although the war was short, 1LT Osman distinguished himself by providing extremely accurate fire, and remaining on station until he had the bare minimum fuel requirement to RTS.


Osman was promoted to Captain before deploying to Bosnia, and his unit was redesignated VMFA-224. He provided CAP during the rescue operation for USAF CPT Scott O’Grady.

CPT Osman was the Acting Squadron XO for VMFA-314 at the outbreak of the Global Civil War, as his squadron’s XO was shot down in 1995. The billet was not filled because of a manpower shortage, and he was promoted to Major in 1997. MAJ Osman distinguished himself in combat again, in both fighter and attack roles. He is credited with 43 confirmed aircraft kills during the GCW.

During a media profile event after the war, a local station learned that MAJ Osman’s previous call-sign was Mini-Me. After some investigating, they unearthed an AAR which noted an attack on an airfield. Insurgents slipped through the wire, damaged numerous aircraft, and were making their way to the ammunition depot. Marines on the ground noted they were outnumbered and unable to get air support, but MAJ Osman rallied the defenses to delay attackers. In the morning, when the smoke cleared, MAJ Osman was discovered unconscious near the entrance to the armory.

His hand was still clutching his E-Tool, and he was surrounded by the bodies of 14 enemy soldiers.

He was quietly promoted to Lieutenant Colonel, RDF, stationed on CVS-101 Prometheus, and given command of the 309th in 2005.

LTC Osman Officer Record Book
Confirmed Kills: 57 (includes 43 from GCW)

LTC Pete "Hack" Osman

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