Oliver Shumaker

Mechanic and Armorer, veteran of the Global Civil War


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Oliver (Shoe) Shumacher is a German-speaking Belgian. His older brother, Stratton, was a bomber pilot in the global civil war and Oliver himself was a supply clerk. Strat didn’t survive the war and the rest of the Shumacher family didn’t survive the aftermath.

To honor his brother, Oliver joined the RDF as a pilot. He lacks ties to anyone outside his squad. They are his family now. Most days Shoe will be found in the library, reading up on equipment and technical manuals. In combat, Shoe is a strategist, always looking for the bigger picture. Out of combat, he still thinks like a support troop and looks after everyone. He practices Savate and will often discuss his “Gentlemanly” martial art with anyone who wants to.

During the initial invasion by alien forces, Shumaker was shot down while engaging two enemy craft. His ejection seat was plucked out of the air by FIG JAM, who then transported him back to the Prometheus to retrieve another craft. Once airborne, he assisted with the defense of Macross city, but was unable to assist COL Ingram.

PVT Shumaker Service Record Book
Confirmed Kills: 3.5

Awards & Decorations

  • Combat Infantryman’s Badge – 7/2009
  • Army Aviator – 4/2009
  • National Defense Service Medal – 1/2009
  • Expert Marksmanship Badge: Rifle – 10/2008
  • Expert Marksmanship Badge: Aero – 2/2009

Service Record

  • RDF Academy Graduate: 12/2008
  • RDF Undergraduate Flight School Graduate: 4/2009
  • Assignment: 309th TFS, 56th OG: 4-7/2009
  • Veritech Flight Training Class 055 Graduate: 7/2009

Oliver Shumaker

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