Grant Chase



Grant appears to be an extremely physically fit male in his late 20s, standing 6’1" with auburn hair and gray eyes. The cut of his uniform emphasizes the wedge shaped form of someone who has spent hours in the gym. Were it not for his pedestrian looks and somewhat timid personality, he could be a poster child for an athletic apparel company. He walks with a noticeable limp, and favors his left leg.

Grant can usually be seen wearing University of Georgia, or Georgia State University branded clothing when he is not in his uniform.


Grant is a military brat who was born at Wiesbaden Army Hospital in 1982. His father was an Army aviator with experience flying both the AH-64 and UH-60. CPT Martin Chase died on a mission during Operation Desert Storm in 1991, when his engine succumbed to damage during a sudden sandstorm.

His mother remarried, but she and Grant were both still suffering emotionally from the loss of Martin. She found comfort in a former U of Georgia gymnastics coach, who used his coaching ability to mentor Grant in this vulnerable time of his life. While he never forgot, gymnastics served to distract him from other issues in his life.

At the start of the GCW in 1995, Grant suffered another serious blow to his mental state. His mother, still suffering from alcoholism and depression, killed his brother and herself. The incident was buried in local media reports because of the growing intensity of the global conflict. Grant briefly attended survivor’s therapy, but still hasn’t quite recovered from the trauma.

Grant was adopted by his step-grandparents, who encouraged his pursuit of gymnastics. His grandfather, a former naval aviator, supported Grant’s decision to join the military. Grant enrolled at Georgia State University in the NROTC program where he pursued a degree in mechanical engineering, and competed on the schools gymnastics team. Upon graduation he enlisted in the military. His aptitude was quickly recognized and he was recruited into the veritech program.

During a CAP in May 2009, Grant suffered serious injuries as a result of an emergency landing. He is still recovering, and walks with a noticeable limp.

PVT Chase Enlisted Record Book
Confirmed Kills: 2.0

Awards & Decorations

  • Combat Infantryman’s Badge – 7/2009
  • Army Aviator – 4/2009
  • Armed Forces Service Medal – 7/2009
  • National Defense Service Medal – 1/2009
  • Expert Marksmanship Badge: Pistol – 10/2008
  • Expert Marksmanship Badge: Aero – 2/2009

Service Record

  • Entered RDF Army Service: 8/2008
  • RDF Academy Graduate: 12/2008
  • RDF Undergraduate Flight School Graduate: 4/2009
  • Assignment: 309th TFS, 56th OG: 5/2009
  • Training injury: 5/2009
  • Veritech Flight Training Class 055 Graduate: 7/2009

Grant Chase

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