SGM Emil Foley

Sergeant Major, SDF-1




SGM Emil Foley’s bald head, lean physique, and intense stare are capable of cutting a swath through the bravest of Veritech flight students, and even some of his fellow senior NCOs. His light English accent becomes almost unintelligible when he is angry, which seems to be often. He can often be heard muttering, “Fucking children.” after dealing with problematic pilot candidates. He appears to be in his mid to late 30s, depending upon the lighting, but not many know his true age.

Foley has seemingly unending endurance, partly attributed to his time as an infantryman. He is a PT Monster, and the PT grounds are frequently fertilized by the vomit of unsat students who piss him off.


Emil Foley was born May 27, 1974, in Birmingham, England. His mother was a bookstore manager, which helped foster his love of reading. His father was a former supply sergeant in the British Army, but was medically discharged after a forklift accident. He quietly accepted his lot in life, and dumped his life savings into buying a small pub, which seemingly flourished because of his former logistics experience.

Emil was somewhat of an anomaly growing up – he loved arts, but also had a very regimented outlook on life. After high school, he had several small part time jobs, and even helped out in his father’s pub, but the GCW seemed to give him purpose. Sleeper elements of the IRA used the GCW to enact their own private campaign, and England was beset with a wave of bombings and lone wolf style terrorist attacks. Emil enlisted in the British Army in the fall of 1995 to pay the bastards back.

143rd_West_Midlands_Brigade_logo.jpgHe was not a standout recruit during training, however he quickly accomplished himself on the battlefield in an almost Sergeant York incident during a skirmish in Ireland in February 1996, while assigned to the 143rd West Midlands Brigade. His unit experienced heavy casualties, and he was one of the last few uninjured survivors. He used the radio from his platoon’s dead radio operator, and broadcasted on an open frequency as if he was communicating with several reinforcement elements. As he was relatively new to the military, he made up more than a few unit designations, based upon the fictional characters and stories he read growing up, but fortunately the enemy was unaware of the deception.

He picked off stragglers as they broke lines to retreat, and captured the rest with the assistance of three other British soldiers. News of this incident earned him a battlefield promotion to Corporal and he was considered for SAS training. He was booted out of SAS training because he punched an officer in the face for “being a bloody fucking idiot”, and was sent back to the front lines.

By the time the GCW ended, Foley was a SSG and was asked if he wanted to try again for an SAS slot. He turned it down because of the fantastical rumors he heard about Macross Island. He began studying and requested a pilot slot, but was devastated when he received another rejection letter. He debated leaving the military in 2002 at the suggestion of his wife, but one of his aptitude tests sparked the interest of a high level official.

An old friend, Ryan Aldridge, helped him to not only get assigned to the RDF, but also an advisory position in Veritech combat development. He has been a member of the 309th cadre since January, 2008.

After the arrival of the Zentraedi, Foley was promoted to become the SDF-1’s Sergeant Major.

SGM Foley Enlisted Record Book
Confirmed Kills: 3.0

SGM Emil Foley

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