Duncan "Plow" Harper




PFC Duncan “Plow” Harper is a a stocky male and appears slightly older than most of his peers, yet still has a full head of hair.

Off duty, you’ll either see him in Nehru collared suits, batik shirts and board shorts, and classic black t-shirts with blue jeans.


Duncan was born in Albuquerque, spent some the majority of his childhood either in San Jose, or overseas in Tel Aviv. Received permission from his parents to enlist at the age of 17 to help his country in the Global Civil War, but the war ended even before he made it to basic training. His engineer father felt his son was throwing his life away.

Married to a random townie while at avionics school, divorced, and then got hammered on leave. Woke up up married to another woman, with a marriage certificate from a drive-through chapel. Turns out that she was a (then) CPL Rose Brocka. Marriage bore a son, JackJ (5).

Duncan’s fascination with moonshining, and frequent “testing” of his product, contributed to marital friction, and a sense of inadequacy because his wife commanded more respect from his peers. Rose encouraged Duncan to finish up his degree and seek an OCS billet, in an effort to improve his outlook on life, but it was too late – the strain on their marriage was irreparable, and they finalized their divorce two years ago. The subsequent nervous breakdown from the stress of divorce coupled with OCS derailed his efforts to complete the officer program.

Duncan was the center of an investigation into the cause of a training accident while he was in command of 309/Alpha, and was subsequently demoted to PFC as part of the Article 15 proceedings.

On the upside, he has been seen in the company of Vivian Calligaris.

Duncan tells this story to anyone who will listen, if he is plied with enough alcohol.

April 1999 – Attempts to enlist in the ISDFISDF declined for security purposes
May 1999 – Enlisted in the USAF to fight in the GCW. Accepted into Linguistics program at DLI in Monterrey, CA with a double concentration in Hindi and Hebrew. TS-SCI Clearance granted with DCID
October 2000 – Washed out of linguistics program. Reassigned to FA-18/F-16 Avionics program – back shop. PCS to Keesler AFB, MS.
January 2001 – Met and married Valerie Paglia in Biloxi, MS.
May 2001 – Finishes training, assigned to Daedalus Carrier Group. Promoted to E-3.
September 2001 – Discovers the joy of moonshining. Sets up first still on Daedalus.
June 2002 – Requalifies on M-16 and M-9. Scores perfectly.
July 2002 – Still causes a fire in the backshop. After investigation, Commander Mark Helleksen finds him negligent, but still sees potential in Mr. Harper. Demoted to E-1. Harper is also assigned additional duties. Seeing his qualifiers, he is sent to the Sniper school at Ft. Benning, GA with all pay with the exception of BAS and BAH forfeited.
August 2002 – Served with divorce papers while in training.
September 2002 – Returns to Daedalus and is reassigned from F-16/FA-18 to VT program.
November 2002 – Goes on leave to Phucket, meets Rose Brocka. Wakes up married.
February 2003 – Still 2.0 is created.
July 2003 – Jack Harper is born.
December 2005 – Graduates from Bowling Green State University Online with a B.A. in English.
January 2006 – Accepted into OCS. Promoted to E-5
March 2006 – With 3 weeks remaining in OCS, washed out.
April 2006 – Rose serves Jack with divorce papers.
August 2007 – Divorce Finalized.
Mid 2008 – Retrains to VT Pilot program
May 2009 – Assigned to 56th 0G as Alpha Flight Lead.
June 2009 – Article 15; demoted to PFC

Duncan "Plow" Harper

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