Donald "Mac" Ingram

56th CAOG Commanding Officer





Donald Ingram is a mild mannered man who appears to be in his late 50s, with slightly graying brown hair cut short. When not in uniform, he can usually be seen wearing tailored business suits with matching fedoras, even in Macross Island’s tropical weather. He refuses to wear sweaters because he has been told of how he reminds people of Mr. Rogers, in both physical resemblance and mannerisms.

COL Ingram can usually be found wearing the standard issue RDF flight suit. In the rare occasions when he can be seen wearing his dress uniform, COL Ingram’s chest is covered with decades of ribbons and badges, many glittering with oak clusters and valor devices. Unlike many other flight officers, Colonel Ingram is one of a rare handful wearing an old Army CIB and 6th SFG unit insignia



Donald Ingram is a 1970 graduate of the US Military Academy, and former infantry officer. He completed IOBC, Airborne School, Ranger School, IAC, and earned his green beret from the US Army Institute of Military Assistance. (Then) 2LT Ingram was assigned to MACV-SOG, and commanded a unit of Montagnards during the last years of the Vietnam War – many of his operations are still classified.


After Vietnam, CPT Ingram served as an instructor at the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center before deploying to various global hotspots including South America, Grenada, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Kosovo, and finally retired from active duty as a LTC in 1991.

LTC Ingram was recalled to active duty after the start of the Global Civil War and his battlefield exploits earned him a quick promotion to COL. His expertise in guerilla and unconventional warfare allowed him not only to contribute to the Veritech Battloid design requirements, but also to the training regimen used by the fledgling RDF. COL Ingram was given command of the 56th Combined Arms Operations Group, and oversees the advanced infantry combat training of the 309th and 310th TFS, while the XO concentrates on flight operations.

His call-sign is a play on his last name, as the Ingram’s model designation is MAC-10.

COL Ingram is a certified Gladiator pilot, and he injured while protecting one of the civilian shelters during the initial alien invasion. His current condition is critical.

COL Ingram Officer Record Book
Confirmed Kills: 12

Donald "Mac" Ingram

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