Broderick VanSkiver




Broderick Vanskiver was born into a military family and growing up after the Global Civil War, he saw his family torn apart by the war as his father and uncle were killed.

Due to his excellent aptitude for learning, Broderick graduated High School much earlier than his friends and was recruited into the RDF flight training program right out of High School.
Broderick enjoyed the freedom of living in the Western United States as the world rebuilt itself. When he was not out exploring the open spaces and vacant communities, he was engaging in some mild hacking. More of a script kiddie, Broderick was able to gain some notoriety amongst his peers when he got into the personal email of an Anti-American activist in Europe.

Being the adventurous type, Broderick is more willing than most to take chances, and since he has not yet reached his limit, he is a bit of a braggart.

Graduated HS at age 14, July 2008

PVT VanSkiver Enlisted Record Book
Confirmed Kills: 3.0

Awards & Decorations

  • Combat Infantryman’s Badge – 7/2009
  • Army Aviator – 4/2009
  • Armed Forces Service Medal – 7/2009
  • National Defense Service Medal – 1/2009
  • Expert Marksmanship Badge: Pistol – 10/2008
  • Expert Marksmanship Badge: Aero – 2/2009

Service Record

  • RDF Academy Graduate: 12/2008
  • RDF Undergraduate Flight School Graduate: 4/2009
  • Assignment: 309th TFS, 56th OG: 4-7/2009
  • Veritech Flight Training Class 055 Graduate: 7/2009

Broderick VanSkiver

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