Robotech Macross

We interrupt this broadcast...

Friday, May 15th, 2009

“…and as you can see, the congestion problems that existed weeks ago are now non-existent. The Adler Augen, or Eagle Eyes, traffic control system from Adler system has worked wonders on Macross’ traffic, especially around the…excuse me one moment…”

The attractive reporter’s eyes light up, as she yells something to the pilot. The helo makes a hard bank and the cameraman struggles to maintain a hold on the pretty blonde’s face. Her voice comes back on, and she is struggling to hide her European accent, “Goot eefning. If you are just joining us, vee haf received word that a military vehicle has crash landed not too far from here. Vee should be giving you footage in a few minutes.”


The TV cuts to a middle aged anchorman who gives very little additional information, as he and an attractive female co-anchor exchange banter and feigned concern before cutting back to the young reporter.

The graphics below her face identify her as Sabine Leitner, a reporter with Deutsche Welle. She yells over the helo, “Hello, we are here at the scene of a downed military aircraft. We apologize for the footage, but we are unable to get much closer because of a no-fly zone and the circling jets flying overhead. We have been told the aircraft was piloted by a student assigned to a training squadron, but we do not yet know his identity.”

The footage cycles between IR and night vision, but the distance and motion of the news helicopter make identification difficult. Sabine makes a few more comments, but essentially repeats the story while the voices of the news anchors speculate on what may have happened. After about 30 more minutes, the helicopter has to return to the mainland to refuel.



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