Robotech Macross

RDF Veritech Training, Class 055, Week 6

Monday, June 15th - Friday, June 19th, 2009

Alpha Flight is approaching their assignment for this training sortie. Their four-ship consists of Broderick VanSkiver, Duncan “Plow” Harper, Grant Chase, and Bill Lee – they’ve been tasked with escorting a heavy bomber on its way to destroy an industrial center. VanSkiver is the flight leader for this op, and he spends only a few minutes discussing their strategy before the conversation degenerates into several random topics, such as video games, women, and comic books. Lee and VanSkiver also engage in a few barrel rolls to stay awake, while Chase and Harper mutter, “kids.”

Chase is interrupted mid-chuckle when he notices multiple blips on his radar. He taps the LCD, in the hopes it is yet another random processing glitch, but to no avail. “Guys…,” he states, “we’ve got multiple incoming…I’m counting six, no wait – eight fast movers!”

The bomber pilot’s calm voice comes over the com, “Gentlemen, we are continuing on course, but will maintain an evasive pattern. We’d appreciate it if you’d go and say hello to our hosts. Good shootin’!” The bomber goes into a slow banking climb.
VanSkiver yells, “Weapons hot! Go! Go! Go! Harper, you’re with me! Chase and Lee, stay with the bomber!” He glances over his right shoulder, gives a thumbs up, and pushes the throttle forward. Lee and Chase take up positions slightly below and behind the bomber.

The next few seconds pass by slowly, before the sky erupts in beams of light and explosions. “Shit! Shit! Shit! They’ve got AA on the ground!” yells Lee. He rolls his craft and pops a few decoys to distract a volley of missiles that were heading to the bomber.

Meanwhile, Van and Harper are engaged in a serious furball with a group of seemingly angry Lancer II drones. The lightly armored drones don’t take much damage before exploding, but they are extremely difficult to hit. Lack of a human pilot allows them to have a flight envelope exceeding that of the Veritech’s agility. Things seem to be okay, until two more blips show up. Van radios for assistance from the other section, so Lee and Chase accelerate to join the fray.

After what seems like an eternity, Alpha is running low on ammo and the bomber has taken significant damage, with two of its four engines disabled. A lone Lancer has managed to get behind it, and the bomber pilot is unable to shake it off. Meanwhile, Harper and Van have gone forward to engage the Raidar X and Spartan providing ground defense, and are unaware of what is happening because of the Raidar X’s ECM.

Just as all hope seems to be lost, the bomber pilot’s voice comes over the air, “Use the Force, Luke!” as his WSO drops their ordinance. Almost immediately after pickling the munitions, their displays light up to signify their destruction. The pilot radios, “That’s it for us, gentlemen. Bombs dropped, but we are out of the sortie and returning to base. Hope they do the job.”

Alpha Flight rolls their planes and watch as explosions erupt in a line heading toward the factory. Rocks and sand start to cloud the view, and then a giant explosion rocks the landscape. “FUCK YEAH!” screams VanSkiver. He transforms into Battloid and does a small victory dance in mid-air. The rest of the guys laugh and cheer, and then start the long trip back to the base.



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