Robotech Macross

RDF Veritech Training, Class 055, Week 5

Monday, June 8th - Friday, June 12th, 2009

The class is over halfway complete, and attrition is relatively light – only three pilots have left the squadron. The remaining pilots of the 56th OG are getting refresher courses in target priorities. During the weekly proficiency test, Alpha Flight was tasked with the location, and destruction, of suspected AA units responsible for aircrew casualties.

Initially, Alpha allowed themselves to be distracted by the Veritechs who were providing air defense for the AA units before they were reminded of the mission objectives. Alpha was unable to communicate with each other because of communications jamming, so Harper made the heads of the Raidar-X’s his primary targets, and VanSkiver delivered the finishing blows. Harper destroyed the near-mint Spartan destroid by targeting the open missile launchers and causing an ammo explosion. This is a tactic that was shared with the rest of the squadron.



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