Robotech Macross

RDF Veritech Training, Class 055, Week 4

Monday, June 1st - Friday, June 5th, 2009

1SG Emil Foley storms into the room and states, “Ladies and gentlemen, we have a situation. A Special Forces Destroid patrol was ambushed and is calling for immediate air support and exfil. One of the pilots is a VIP named SGT Nikolai Vlasi. Vlasi is not only a Platoon Commander in the 2/7, but also the son of a UEG Senator. His Gladiator was incapacitated, and we need to make sure he and his unit makes it back. We don’t have much time – he’s 150 miles away, and it will take you about five minutes to reach him once you’re in the air. Coordinates are already uploaded to your nav systems. Bust your ass to get to him, and cover his mech until exfil can reach you They are on the way, but approximately 15 minutes out. Stop looking at me and get your birds in the air!”

The trainees quickly don their flight suits, grab their helmets, and race to their waiting Valkryies. The air is filled with the sound of engines powering up, and planes quickly queue up for takeoff. Once each flight has formed up in the air, they watch as each flight takes a slightly different flight path to their respective coordinates. PVT Chase has been given command of this operation for Alpha, and he tells everyone to shove their throttles to the firewall.

Alpha quickly makes contact with six ground targets, but are unable to communicate with Vlasi’s unit. As they get closer, they realize the reason why – Raidar X’s sending out powerful jamming signals, and the unit is effectively cut off from each other. Unable to communicate, the trainees rely up on their training, and maintain close formation as they make a quick pass over the area. They quickly spot 2 Gladiators in a ravine covering a third Gladiator missing one of its legs. They also notice four Raidar Xs and two Gladiators firing down upon the SF unit.

Chase starts calling out target priorities, as the flight banks to engage.



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