Robotech Macross

Ongoing coverage

Saturday, May 16th, 2009

The graphics for a local news station swirl on screen, as the camera focuses on an anchorman. “Good morning! We are reporting live as the Robotech Defense Force undergoes recovery operations of a downed fighter plane. The plane crashed late last night while on a routine patrol. Sabine Leitner is on the scene.”

The camera switches to a very attractive woman. “Good morning, John. We are watching as the RDF begins salvage operations for one of their fighter planes that went down last night. Eyewitnesses say a few planes were flying so low, their boat was shaking in the waves.”


The camera pans to a young woman. “Yeah, we were like, just partying man, you know, hahaha – and then we heard some jets and looked up to see these planes just coming down on us and we were like, holy BEEEEEP and water was like, splashing everywhere, and I fell down, and it was, like, so BEEEEEPing loud but it was also cool, you know? And then I wiped the water out of my eyes and I see one of the planes is, like, wobbling and then crashes over there.” She points off camera.

The camera pans back to the island as a crane lifts part of the fuselage. “The pilot, who has not yet been identified, has been flown to the RDF medical center in critical condition. We will continue to update our viewers with this developing story. This is Sabine Leitner, reporting for MBS.”

Sabine waited a few seconds until she got the all-clear signal from her cameraman before she lowered her microphone. She was exhausted, but the adrenaline rush hit her again. She had resigned herself to being given filler assignments, but there were only so many traffic accidents and lost kitten stories she could handle. She adjusted her hair and used her hand to block the sun as she squinted to observe the aircraft recovery crew continue working. She knew Peter was going to gather some more B roll footage to act as filler, so she had some time to kill.

She walked to the new chopper and watched her footage again. She knew by the brown color of the plane that she was dealing with a low level pilot – more than likely one of the students that kept rolling through the island’s training squadron. It would be a good place to start looking for some more information. She reached for her laptop and began doing some research.



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